Advantage Games is proud and excited to celebrate our one year anniversary!  Each of our events this week will be special in some way.  Box tournaments?  Check.  Sales?  Check.  Free Giveaways?  Check.

Come on down and celebrate one year of Advantage Games!


Monday –
Weiss Schwarz – One booster box of Fate Stay/Night will be added to the prize pool!
Pokemon – Random Giveaways all night!  Fates Collide packs, Mythical Jarachi, and more!

Tuesday –
Conspiracy Draft – In place of our normal draft!  Only $8!
Force of Will – Booster box added to the prize pool!
Yu-Gi-Oh! – Double prize pool!

Wednesday –
Dungeons and Dragons – Random Giveaways all night!
Standard – Free Entry, booster box to the winner!

Thursday –
Force of Will – Free entry, booster box to the winner!
Modern – Free entry, booster box to the winner!

Friday –
Friday Night Magic – Double prize pools in all events!

Saturday & Sunday –
Random giveaways all weekend, double prize pools for all weekend events, and more!

Join us Sunday night to celebrate!  Food and drinks, board games, and good times all evening long!

Check out our awesome ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off’ sale all weekend long as well!  Buy any item in the store with the exception of boosters and singles and receive 50% off any item of equal or lesser value!

Come on down everyone!


See our event calendar for full event details.

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