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Magic: The Gathering


Tireless Tracker                                      

Fetch Lands

Resplendent Angel

Eldrazi Temple

Aether Vial

Grim Lavamancer

Leyline of Sanctity

Collective Brutality

Geist of Saint Traft

Vivien Reid

Collected Company

Steel Overseer

Eternal Witness

All is Dust

Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Phantasmal Image

Leyline of the Void


Lightning Helix




Rayquaza- GX                                        

Stakataka- GX


Ultra Recon Squad (FA)

Zygarde – GX

Dawn Wings Necrozma – GX

Basic (Secret Energy)

Rainbow Energy (secret)

Double Colorless Energy (secret)

Enoporter (Secret)

Bannete (secret)

Lillie (FA)

Warp Energy (secret)

Charizard GX

Tate & Liza (FA)


Apricorn Maker (FA)

Articuno -GX

Tapu Lele-GX

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