The Advantage Games Competitive Magic Team put in some serious work this weekend.  Playing PPTQ’s on both Saturday and Sunday, putting 2 into the top 8 on Saturday.

Ryan Eaton took Jeskai Control with main deck Geist of Saint Traft and that beast did work for him all day.  Polishing off opponent after opponent on the way to a Top 8 berth.  Unfortunately, Geist couldn’t hold up under the pressure of the Tron matchup in T8 and Ryan was beaten rather handily.  A solid run all around and another good finish for the team.  Congrats Ryan!


Jake Zonies took Hollow One to a Hollow One festival.  The field was crowded with people piloting the discard-based deck and Jake managed to dispatch one of them on his way to Top 8.  After reaching the final cut he took down a Burn player and a Pyromancer player before reaching the finals where he faced another Hollow One pilot.  A quick concession later, as his opponent was grinding GP bye’s, and Jake has his RPTQ invite locked up!  Congratulations Jake!


Other finishes from Advantage patrons and Team players –

Saturday PPTQ:

Jeerod Balangan – 4-2

Joey Rener – 0-3

Travis Bell – 0-5

Sunday PPTQ:

Eric Lofty – 4-2

Joshua Lewis – 2-3

Dane Rogers – 3-3

Travis Bell – 3-3

Lee Martinez – 3-3


Well done this weekend everyone and keep those finishes coming!

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