New Dawn Rises promises to be a set to revitalize competitive Force of Will.  This, the first set in the New Valhalla Cluster, offers some awesome updates to the game such as better rarity distribution (14 SR’s per box), direct starter deck improvement from the set (great for getting new players into the game), and great new mechanics like ‘Bane’, ‘Eternal’, ‘Forsee’, and ‘Rune’.


Oh, and did we mention the new pack color?









Advantage Games will be hosting a prerelease event for New Dawn Rises on Saturday, September 22nd.  This event will begin at 1:00pm and have a $25 entry fee.  Each player will receive packs of New Dawn Rises with which to build a deck.  They will then compete in swiss rounds with the top finishers receiving booster pack prizes and the top 8 finishers receiving exclusive playmats!


Come on down and join in the fun and check out the newest Force of Will set!


Want to get in on the release day action?

Preorder boxes and starter decks at Advantage Games today!  Booster boxes release on September 28th and starters release on the 21st.  Contact us to get your order in now!


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