Another solid weekend by the crew  at another Modern Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier.  No win this weekend, but a couple of good finishes as the Modern season begins to wind to a close.








Josh Lewis went 4-1-1 in swiss with the ID in round 6 earning him a top 8 spot.  Josh was on his Green White value deck he’s been on most of the season which earned him another solid finish.  He was able to overcome blue/white spirits in the round of 8 but fell short in Top 4 off the back of a questionable keep game 3.  Knight of the Reliquary was his MVP of the day, coming in clutch in both the swiss and top cut rounds.

Jeerod Balangan took the same 75 to a 4-1-1 finish as well and was 6th in standings heading into top 8.  After finally overcoming his nemesis, the bubble, Jeerod was unable to overcome the same U/W control deck that would soon dispatch his teammate.

Frank Campbell made a showing with his Hollow One deck but was unable to get much going on the day and finished 3-3.


Good showing guys!  Hopefully a lot more coming as we prepare for the upcoming new Standard format and PPTQ season, kicking off right here at Advantage!


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