Another FNM in the books.  76 players gathered to battle in out in Modern and Commander pods in addition to our Standard Store Championship event!

With side pods churning away, 26 players decided to battle it out in the Standard Store Championship event, each receiving an Emmara, Soul of the Accord full art promo (from the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica set!).  5 rounds of Swiss led to a Top 8 cut that consisted of a plethora of mountains and swamps.  Each top 8 competitor received a custom Store Championship deck box.

Steve Kot and Lee Martinez managed to battle through the quarter and semi final rounds to face off in the finals.  Playing similar Red-White decks, Lee on the more aggressive one of the two.  At the end of a viscous battle, however, it was the slightly slower and more controlling brew of Steve Kot that managed to take the win in 3 games!





Well done finalists and thank you to everyone who came out to participate!



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