Ixalan Store Championships!

The Ixalan Store Championships are upon us!
You’ve been grinding, battling, hacking it out week to week to assert your dominance and now is your chance to prove it!
Come take your shot at this amazing playmat and bragging rights as Store Champion!
This event will take the place of our regular Friday Night Magic standard tournament on December 29th. Join us for the fun! Everyone receives a Ghalta, Primal Hunger promo!
Date: Friday, December 29th.
Time: 6:30pm round 1 start.
Format: Standard
Entry: Free!!
Prizes: Championship playmat, top 8 deck boxes, entry promo, and booster pack prizes based on participation!
See you there!

Ixalan Pre-Release

Magic: the Gathering Players!

Coming up this following weekend, September 23rd and 24th; Advantage Games is hosting our Pre-release Weekend for the next HOTTEST set, Ixalan! Battle with Pirates, Dinosaurs, and Merfolk!

Friday, September 23rd at Midnight.
Sealed Format.
Entry is $30.

Saturday, September 23rd at 1PM.
Sealed Format.
Entry is $30.

Sunday, September 24th at 1PM.
Two-Headed Format.
Entry is $50/team.

Sunday from 5PM – 8PM.
8-Man Pods, Sealed Format.
Entry is $30.

Feel free to come down to Advantage Games to reserve your seat and guarantee a spot!

Magic Open House!

Attention lovers of TCGs!

Are you interested in learning Magic? Are you a new player and want to get some good practice in?

Come down to Advantage Games on September 16th, and September 17th for our OPEN HOUSE event. It’s from 12pm-8pm.

New players receive a free deck!

If you bring a new player or teach a new player, you’ll get a FREE Promo ‘Walk the Plank’.

Friday Night Magic!


Magic: the Gathering Players!

Come down to Advantage Games every Friday, for Friday Night Magic! Competitive and Casual Players alike are welcome to compete in weekly FREE Tournaments, across all formats.

Standard Tournament starts at 6:30!

8-person Modern Pods fire as they fill from 4pm – 9pm!

4-person EDH/Commander Pods fire as they fill from 4pm – 9pm!

CFV: Demonic Advent Sneak Peek!

Join us this Saturday, August 26th, at 2:30pm for our Cardfight Vanguard: Demonic Advent Sneak Peek event!


Come down and draft the newest set to build a deck and compete against your other Sneak Peek attendees!  Top finishers receive prize packs and a champion playmat!  Additional packs and mats may be given out throughout the tournament depending on attendance.