Holiday Around the Moonsea Fundraiser!

Advantage Games is excited to host the Holiday Around the Moonsea! This event is a fundraiser for the ‘Know Love’ charity supporting aid and missionary work in Ecuador and around the world.
Holiday Around the Moonsea is a Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League event that will feature over 20 hours of D&D events! This will include the epic event Chaos in the City of Splendor!
Join us on November 24th and 25th for exciting Dungeons and Dragons adventures, arena battles, raffles, games, and more! All in support of an amazing cause!
See the link below to register and for full event information. Space is limited, so register today!

Steve Kot is Our M19 Store Champion!

Another FNM in the books.  76 players gathered to battle in out in Modern and Commander pods in addition to our Standard Store Championship event!

With side pods churning away, 26 players decided to battle it out in the Standard Store Championship event, each receiving an Emmara, Soul of the Accord full art promo (from the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica set!).  5 rounds of Swiss led to a Top 8 cut that consisted of a plethora of mountains and swamps.  Each top 8 competitor received a custom Store Championship deck box.

Steve Kot and Lee Martinez managed to battle through the quarter and semi final rounds to face off in the finals.  Playing similar Red-White decks, Lee on the more aggressive one of the two.  At the end of a viscous battle, however, it was the slightly slower and more controlling brew of Steve Kot that managed to take the win in 3 games!





Well done finalists and thank you to everyone who came out to participate!



Team Advantage: Tack on Another Few T8’s

Another solid weekend by the crew  at another Modern Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier.  No win this weekend, but a couple of good finishes as the Modern season begins to wind to a close.








Josh Lewis went 4-1-1 in swiss with the ID in round 6 earning him a top 8 spot.  Josh was on his Green White value deck he’s been on most of the season which earned him another solid finish.  He was able to overcome blue/white spirits in the round of 8 but fell short in Top 4 off the back of a questionable keep game 3.  Knight of the Reliquary was his MVP of the day, coming in clutch in both the swiss and top cut rounds.

Jeerod Balangan took the same 75 to a 4-1-1 finish as well and was 6th in standings heading into top 8.  After finally overcoming his nemesis, the bubble, Jeerod was unable to overcome the same U/W control deck that would soon dispatch his teammate.

Frank Campbell made a showing with his Hollow One deck but was unable to get much going on the day and finished 3-3.


Good showing guys!  Hopefully a lot more coming as we prepare for the upcoming new Standard format and PPTQ season, kicking off right here at Advantage!


Magic Store Championships for Core 19!

Join us at Advantage next Friday, September 14th for our M19 Store Championships!






Come down and prove your mettle in a Standard format championship event!  This event will take place of our regular Standard FNM event and will be covered under the general $5 cover charge for unlimited FNM events.


This event will have Swiss rounds with a cut to Top 8 after.  Each Top 8 player will receive an M19 Championship Deck Box and the winner receiving the Champion playmat pictured above.  Everyone participating in the event will receive an awesome Emmara, Soul of the Accord promo card from the Upcoming Guilds of Ravnica set!






Please note that this event will have a 5:30pm start time instead of our regular 6:30pm start due to the Top 8 cut this event has.


We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Force of Will: New Dawn Rises is Coming!

New Dawn Rises promises to be a set to revitalize competitive Force of Will.  This, the first set in the New Valhalla Cluster, offers some awesome updates to the game such as better rarity distribution (14 SR’s per box), direct starter deck improvement from the set (great for getting new players into the game), and great new mechanics like ‘Bane’, ‘Eternal’, ‘Forsee’, and ‘Rune’.


Oh, and did we mention the new pack color?









Advantage Games will be hosting a prerelease event for New Dawn Rises on Saturday, September 22nd.  This event will begin at 1:00pm and have a $25 entry fee.  Each player will receive packs of New Dawn Rises with which to build a deck.  They will then compete in swiss rounds with the top finishers receiving booster pack prizes and the top 8 finishers receiving exclusive playmats!


Come on down and join in the fun and check out the newest Force of Will set!


Want to get in on the release day action?

Preorder boxes and starter decks at Advantage Games today!  Booster boxes release on September 28th and starters release on the 21st.  Contact us to get your order in now!


Team Advantage: The Train Keeps Rolling!

The Advantage Games Competitive Team and several of our other patrons (and even an owner!) continue to grind out the Modern PPTQ circuit and are just absolutely crushing it!

This weekend was a continuation of last with several strong finishes.


With only one PPTQ this weekend, only a few players were able to compete.  Even so, they put up enough results for everyone.


Team Advantage had 3 players in competition on Saturday.


After losing round 1, Dane Rogers, on his trusty Bogles list, was able to rattle off 4 more wins and finish with a respectable 4-2 record.  His tie breakers fell just short, however, putting him in 9th place in Swiss standings and just missing Top 8.


Jeerod Balagan continued his grind as well and after dropping both rounds 1 and 2 he popped off a quick 4 wins to also finish 4-2 with his B/R Hollow One deck.  The tie-breaker damage had been done already and he was relegated to an 11th place finish.

Ryan Eaton lost only a single game of Magic in the first 4 rounds of Swiss, allowing him to take two intentional draws and guarantee a Top 8 birth.  His Jeskai Contol deck was able to handle his Living End and Black/White prison matchups.  The finals was against a tough opponent on an infect deck but a timely Izzet Staticaster in game 3 sealed the deal and allowed Ryan to walk away with the win!

2 weekends, 2 PPTQ wins!  Keep it up!

Oh….but what about Sunday?

Well, the team didn’t travel to any PPTQ’s and the schedule wasn’t all that full so most of them took the weekend off.  James Alcorn and John Yunko cashed in their RPTQ invites, however, and traveled to San Diego California and played at ‘At Ease Games’.  A 74 player field, all PPTQ winners, looked like like a tough mountain to climb.  Both came armed, however.  James with his Esper Control list and John with his Mono Red beater.

James started off solid with a round 1 win, but two losses (including one to teammate John) following dimmed his hopes of a top 8 birth.  He was able to finish with a 4-3 record but it definitely wasn’t his day.

John opened with 3 consecutive wins, waiting until the third round to drop his first game.  He took his first loss in round 4 but managed to win two more matches allowing him a draw into the Top 8.  With 4 places getting invites, it was simply one opponent, one of the several Black-Red players in the room standing in his way.  The first two games opened 1 and 1 and John, focusing on all the work he’s put in this year, was able to close out the last game for all the marbles!


Congratulations to Ryan on his PPTQ win this weekend and John on his Pro Tour Invite!  Good luck at your events guys!





Team Advantage: Jake Zonies Spikes a PPTQ!

The Advantage Games Competitive Magic Team put in some serious work this weekend.  Playing PPTQ’s on both Saturday and Sunday, putting 2 into the top 8 on Saturday.

Ryan Eaton took Jeskai Control with main deck Geist of Saint Traft and that beast did work for him all day.  Polishing off opponent after opponent on the way to a Top 8 berth.  Unfortunately, Geist couldn’t hold up under the pressure of the Tron matchup in T8 and Ryan was beaten rather handily.  A solid run all around and another good finish for the team.  Congrats Ryan!


Jake Zonies took Hollow One to a Hollow One festival.  The field was crowded with people piloting the discard-based deck and Jake managed to dispatch one of them on his way to Top 8.  After reaching the final cut he took down a Burn player and a Pyromancer player before reaching the finals where he faced another Hollow One pilot.  A quick concession later, as his opponent was grinding GP bye’s, and Jake has his RPTQ invite locked up!  Congratulations Jake!


Other finishes from Advantage patrons and Team players –

Saturday PPTQ:

Jeerod Balangan – 4-2

Joey Rener – 0-3

Travis Bell – 0-5

Sunday PPTQ:

Eric Lofty – 4-2

Joshua Lewis – 2-3

Dane Rogers – 3-3

Travis Bell – 3-3

Lee Martinez – 3-3


Well done this weekend everyone and keep those finishes coming!