Calvin “Nerdberg” Nordberg – Team Advantage, Pokemon

Age: 23 years old

Profession: Costco

Favorite Board Game: Catan

Favorite Video Game: Phantasy Star Eps. I & II


2014 Regional Championships – 2 Top 4 finishes

2014 US National Championships – Top 4

2014 World Championship Competitor

2016 New Mexico State Championships – 1st Place

2016 Seattle Regional Championships – Top 8

Calvin has lived most of his life in Colorado Springs with the occasional stint in Denver.  He has been playing competitive Pokemon for 6 consecutive years.  When he’s not slinging cards at the Pokemon tables he can be found doing similar things at the poker tables where he aspires to compete at a professional level.  Calvin spends his free time doing graphic design work, running, dancing, and studying philosophy.