Ixalan Store Championships!

The Ixalan Store Championships are upon us!
You’ve been grinding, battling, hacking it out week to week to assert your dominance and now is your chance to prove it!
Come take your shot at this amazing playmat and bragging rights as Store Champion!
This event will take the place of our regular Friday Night Magic standard tournament on December 29th. Join us for the fun! Everyone receives a Ghalta, Primal Hunger promo!
Date: Friday, December 29th.
Time: 6:30pm round 1 start.
Format: Standard
Entry: Free!!
Prizes: Championship playmat, top 8 deck boxes, entry promo, and booster pack prizes based on participation!
See you there!

Magic Open House!

Attention lovers of TCGs!

Are you interested in learning Magic? Are you a new player and want to get some good practice in?

Come down to Advantage Games on September 16th, and September 17th for our OPEN HOUSE event. It’s from 12pm-8pm.

New players receive a free deck!

If you bring a new player or teach a new player, you’ll get a FREE Promo ‘Walk the Plank’.

Summer Sealed Leagues at Advantage Games!

Advantage Games will be hosting sealed leagues all summer long!

Sealed leagues will run on Thursday and Saturday nights from 6:00pm – 10:00pm. Come in each night or whatever nights you can make it and stay for as long as you like to earn points for the week and compete for awesome prizes!

Each player will receive 6 packs with which to build a deck. Everyone will receive the same pack configuration to begin the league. Each league night they have the option to purchase one additional pack to upgrade their deck. The additional packs may be from any legal set for that league. Players will receive points for each match they play on a league night. The first 3 games each night will count for full points (3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss). Each additional game played will reward 1 point to the winner. You may play each person in the league a maximum of one time per league night. Pack prizes will be awarded to between 30% and 50% of the entries at the end of each 2 week season (4 league nights).

Sealed League #1 begins on June 2nd so get registered soon!

See the calendar for more details on individual leagues.

1 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Advantage Games is proud and excited to celebrate our one year anniversary!  Each of our events this week will be special in some way.  Box tournaments?  Check.  Sales?  Check.  Free Giveaways?  Check.

Come on down and celebrate one year of Advantage Games!


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Wednesday Night Commander is Back!

Wednesday Night Commander is back at Advantage Games!
For the month of February this will be structured events. Coming in March we are hoping to have finalized rules for a monthly league.
For February we will be hosting the following –
2/3 – 5pm-8pm – 4player pods, $1 entry, booster to winner, random promo awarded.
2/10 – 5pm – 8pm – 4 player pods, $1 entry, booster to winner, random promo awarded.
2/17 – 6pm – 1v1 Duelcommander. $5 entry. Pack or Reward Point prizes to the finishers.
2/24 – 6pm – 1v1 Duelcommander. $5 entry. Pack or Reward Point prizes to the finishers.
See the calendar for full details.