Advantage Games, as a business, is constantly evaluating the events we run and the way we operate our business in order to provide the best gaming atmosphere and most exciting events we can while at the same time remaining a viable business and providing for our employee’s and their families.  In light of recent evaluations we have decided to make some adjustments to the way we run a few of our regular events.

We hope that these changes will allow us to grow as a company and provide a better gaming environment, more product options, and an overall more enjoyable time at our store.

These changes will go into effect as of July 27th, 2018.


Friday Night Magic – 

We have always prided ourselves on running a free FNM event for our Magic: The Gathering players, giving them a chance to compete for prizes at no charge to themselves.  This has created a truly welcoming environment for new players and helped us grow this amazing community.  However, costs of business are forcing us to change this model slightly.  While we are instituting a charge, we are trying to retain as much of the spirit of this event as possible.

Beginning Friday, July 27th, we will be charging a $5 cover fee for entrance into Friday Night Magic. This cover charge will allow you to play in as many events as you like, just like our typical FNM pods are run now.  This does mean, however, there will be no open play on Friday evenings unless an event is scheduled with us in advance.

If this cover charge is paid for with cash or a credit card you will also receive $5 in store credit to use on whatever you like in addition to your FNM entry.


Weekly 125% Credit Events – 

We enjoy being able to offer events where the prize payout exceeds the amount taken in, and the players enjoy it as well.  This structure, however, has to undergo a change,  regarding using store credit as entry.  We always try to leave the option open to players to pay in store credit to our events.  Using cardboard as opposed to cash to get in to a tournament always feels a little better.  Due to our prize payout structure, however, we are going to adjust to charging a premium when using credit to enter tournaments.  A 40% premium will be added to event entries paid with store credit that award a greater than 100% of entry prize pool.  This primarily affects our weekday tournaments and shouldn’t impact any of the larger events like PPTQ’s, State Championships, and Prerelease and Release events.

For example, our weekly Modern event on Tuesdays has a $10 entry fee and awards 125% of entries out in store credit to the top finishers.  This entry fee would be adjusted to $14 if you are using store credit to enter the tournament.  Our weekly $5 entry Pokemon tournament on Wednesdays will have a $7 entry if you are using store credit to enter.


We hope you are understanding of our reasons for making these changes.  Hopefully they will allow us to continue to provide the gaming area you all enjoy so much and allow us to continue to make great additions to our store going forward.

Thank you for being part of our store and community.