Friday Night Magic is our largest event every week, offering events for players of all ages and skill levels!  Join us every Friday night as we offer up a plethora of Commander and EDH events as well as a Standard tournament crowning our weekly Standard champ!

FNM events begin firing at 4pm each week with EDH and Modern pods firing each time they fill as space allows.  Commander pods fire when 4 people have registered and Modern pods fire when 8 people have registered.



8 player pods fire as they fill up from 4pm – 8pm.  Pack prizes to the top 4 finishers and a monthly promo to the winner.


4 player pods fire as they fill from 4pm – 9pm.  A booster pack and a promo are awarded to the winner of each pod.


We fire a single standard tournament at 6:30pm each Friday.  This tournament will play 4-5 swiss rounds.  Prizes are awarded to the top finishers based on the number of entrants.



Our Friday Night Magic event has a $5 cover charge no matter the number of events you play.  Come and play all night for only $5.  Even better?  Pay your entry with cash or a credit card and receive $5 in store credit!


Come on down every Friday for the hottest event in town at Advantage Games!