John “Johnner” Turner – Team Advantage, Pokemon

Age: 22

Profession: Credit card machine sales

Favorite Board Game: Monopoly

Favorite Video Game: Fortnite


City champion in at least one city championship per year from 2010 through 2015.

2010 State Championships – Top 8

2011 State Championships – Top 8

2012 Regional Championships – 2nd Place

2012 State Championships – Top 8

2013 State Championships – Top 8

2014 State Championships – Top 8

2012 U.S. National Championships – top 128

2017 International Championships – Top 64

John has been battling it out at the competitive Pokemon tables for nearly 15 years.  He currently lives in Colorado Springs.  He spends the majority of his free time keeping up with his young daughter and coaching little league football.  John is a huge sports fan and can always be found cheering on the Dallas Cowboys.