We love Magic at Advantage Games!  Come down nearly any night of the week and you can usually find an opponent to battle with.  Our educated staff is more than happy to help you tune your deck, adjust your mana base, and help get you to the next level.


Advantage hosts several Magic events weekly for players of all skill levels.






Tuesdays: Every Tuesday night Advantage hosts a Modern tournament.  This $10 entry tournament pays out 125% of entries in a top heavy store credit prize pools.  Prize pools in this event regularly exceed $200+.  This event begins at 6:30pm sharp.


Wednesdays: Wednesday night is Standard night at AG!  Join us each week at 6:30pm for our Standard Showdown tournament.  This event has a $5 entry fee and awards 125% of entries in a store credit prize pool to the top finishers.  Top 4 finishers of this event will also receive a standard showdown pack if available.


Thursdays: Thursday night means draft.  Every week at 6:30pm we gather to draft the latest Magic sets.  These drafts have a $14 entry fee and allow you to keep every card you draft.  The top 4 players of each 8 person pod receive booster pack prizes in a 5/3/2/2 payout distribution.


Friday:  If you thought the rest of the week was Magic heavy, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  Our Friday Night Magic events are so big we had to give them their own page!  Highly recommended for new players!


In addition to our weekly events we are often hosting prerelease, PPTQ, Store Championships, and other events!  Check back here or check our calendar for upcoming events.


Advantage Games carries a wide variety of Magic singles, playmats, sleeves, and other supplies!  Stop by today and stock up on what you need.