Advantage Games is always looking to purchase a variety of things.  We are most often looking for collectibles and gaming related materials but are willing to look at and make an offer on just about anything.


Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and other CCG Singles – We are always buying the most popular CCG singles and will make offers on collections or bulk lots.  Most CCG related items are also of interest if in new or slightly used condition (deck boxes, bags, memorabilia, etc…).  We are always buying Pokemon bulk.

RPG Books and Materials – We are always looking for new or near mint condition RPG books.  We will make offers on other used items but the offer may vary based on condition.  We are always willing to look at collections of dice, books, or other gaming materials.

Board Games – We will always make offers on new and sealed board games or board games that are in mint condition and complete.  Highly sought after or collectible board games are also of interest.

Most Other Games – Heroclix, Dice Masters singles, DnD Mini’s, Star Wars Mini’s, World of Warcraft Loot Cards,

In addition to gaming related materials we are also buying –

DVD’s – We will buy DVD and Blu Ray Discs.  Discs must be in mint to near mint condition and contain original cases with complete cover (no burned or knock-off copies).  We do not buy VHS or Betamax movies unless still originally sealed.

Video Games – We buy video games for all systems.  Games must be working (they will be checked) and must be in near mint condition. We also purchase video game systems, they also must be in very good and working condition.

Other Electronics – We buy most electronics including Ipads, Ipods, Laptop computers, Smart Phones, and more.  These must be working and will be tested.  Must be blemish free, unlocked, and include charger and other necessary items.

Anything Else – We will make offers on a lot of other items.  Feel free to contact us and ask if we would be interested in something you are selling.


All cash sales may require a valid ID and the seller to be age 18+ or have a parent/guardian present.