Rotation is happening! To anyone who has collected Magic for a decent amount of time you know that now is traditionally the best time to speculate on those sweet cards that can impact the eternal formats.  There are a few staples that are worth taking a look at, not to mention the discontinuation of the premium sets such as Expeditions and Invocations. So let us take a look at a few.








Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet- This card has been a powerhouse in standard and has seen some fringe modern play already. At one point reaching a price of over $38 in April 2016 and the card today is right around 10 bucks.  As rotation hits, expect this to fall and slowly creep back up if we see continued play in Modern.









Collective brutality- This card quickly became a Modern staple in Jund and other black based midrange decks as well as seeing some other eternal play.  The price has steadily risen from its release until June of this year hitting a high of approximately $20. The card has since cut its price in half just in time for rotation.  Again, if it falls a decent amount at rotation, it could prove a nice pickup.






Archangel Avacyn- This card doesn’t quite fit the same reasoning as the other 2 for us to spec on, it doesn’t see any eternal play outside of EDH and even then it’s nothing spectacular. However the card is an angel, that has a decent ability, plus its name is avacy so that never hurts. This card sitting at 4 dollars seems too low, i don’t expect it to ever hit 50, but 15-20 in a few years wouldn’t be unreasonable.








Eldrazi- Just buy a few of each to be safe (lol). Really though, eldrazi have proven to be fan favorites since their debut in Zendikar block, they currently make up a decent chunk of the modern format and see some edh and legacy play as well. Most of their prices have been relatively stable, but i don’t see them going anywhere but up.









Real Estate – Speculation articles can’t exist without touching on lands.  The Battle for Zendikar lands are targets for fetchlands in both Modern budget decks and Commander.  These have been on a steady drop for a while now and, as with most ‘standard lands’ should see a severe drop at rotation.  Without a reprint, these should be a solid low-budget speculation target.








Real Estate part 2: Expeditions –  These cards were initially extremely difficult to get and as such, have demanded a hefty price tag for the ‘chase’ ones.  The price trending has been down on them for some time now, with the collectors having gotten their sets and more players cracking and selling them than collecting.  Now that Wizards of the Coast has announced that they will be doing these “premium” sets less frequently, the prices should be able to creep back up slowly.  These have eternal collectibility among a wide swath of players and should spike to extremely high numbers down the road.


This is my initial thoughts on post-rotation speculation targets.  Our article portion of our site is new and I have to have a lot of awesome content coming down the road but for now, hopefully this helps you in your speculation!