The Advantage Game Competitive team is built around a desire for players to strive to improve, both inside and outside the gaming arena.  Advantage team members are dedicated to not only helping each other improve but helping the community grow and giving players somewhere to turn to for advice, counseling, and inspiration.  Through practice, preparation, study, and determination we aim to conquer our opposition…and have a good time doing it!


Team Rosters:


David Ballard

Raul Arroyo

John Turner

Calvin Nordberg


Magic: The Gathering:

Ryan Eaton

Lee Martinez

Matt Simon

Josh Lewis

Jake Zonies

Frank Campbell

Dane Rogers

Eric Lofteness

Matthew Williams

James Alcorn


Force of Will:

Mike Crane

Brady Jackson

Andrew Bustrack

Eitan Dunn


The Staff Team:

We play a variety of games and love to support our customers and competitive team players at events when we are able to!


John Yunko

Jason Hargreaves

Jesse Johnson

Tobey Morrison

Joe Toste

Jeerod Balangan

Aiden Roten

Aaron Toste